Wheel of Time

A Turning of the Wheel & New Directions

My last Official Wheel of Time Artwork under Bandersnatch Group:

Min Farshaw - Doomseer


As many of you are aware by now, The Wheel is turning to a new age, and the story we all know from the Wheel of Time books has been picked up by Amazon for production as a television series. There is now the opportunity for many potential fans around the world to become exposed to Robert Jordan’s characters and epic tale in a medium that those who are not voracious readers like ourselves may find more accessible. “Pshaw,” as Cadsuane (or we First Fans) would say… but true none the less.

In the process required for the production to take place, artistic licenses and merchandizing rights have moved away from Bandersnatch Group, which includes Harriet McDougal and others that you know from JordanCon, to Sony Pictures Entertainment. What this means for me is that as of the day after JordanCon 2019, I am no longer able to produce Official Wheel of Time artwork. At least for now… who knows what Sony may decide to do with it’s licensing in the future, and whether that might include me? I am, however, allowed to continue to sell my stock of current Wheel of Time artwork until the end of October this year. And I’m not sure if all of you know this, but my Wheel of Time prints are available on my website’s print page: http://www.edselarnold.com/prints For those of you who attend DragonCon in Atlanta, I will also have prints, framed prints, and some metal prints available at the Art Show, so make sure to drop by on Labor Day weekend! And, because the art is part of my body of work, and is allowed to continue to be part of my portfolio, the images will remain on my website gallery forever, even if only for the viewing pleasure of my fellow Wheel of Time fans.

I know that change makes most of us nervous, but remember we don’t have even small glimmers and hints of the future like Min does. We have no clues at about the future at all. We can only trust that ,”The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.” Certainly when I painted Pink Ribbons back in 2012 and took it to one of Harriet’s and Brandon’s book signings, I had no idea where it would lead. No idea that Jennifer Liang would take note of the work at the book signing. No idea that April Moore would start following my Wheel of Time work on Deviant Art… nor that she and Wilson Grooms would start conspiring to get me to JordanCon and in the Art Show. Certainly no idea that Harriet would then grant me a license to paint the characters I already loved. And because of that license I was able to meet and work with buddies Jeff and Kiley Daniel and Sophie Coleman from Tavern Tees, leading to a WoT Calendar that introduced me to fellow artists Paul Bielaczyc, Joe O’Hara and Ariel Burgess… who all became my little artist cadre and dear friends. Working with Bandersnatch gave me the opportunity to get to know Maria Simmons, Stephen Hanson and Alan Romanczuk, not to mention Alan’s wife and fellow WoT artist Amy, who shares my same birth year and considers me her “litter mate”! Heck, even my very obvious artistic style has developed and solidified itself over the last few years while I was working on my Wheel of Time artwork.

I’ve become connected to so many people because of reading one book, creating one piece of art, and obtaining one license… and since the book started the rising of that little “wind,” I guess I owe the biggest debt to Robert Jordan, though we never actually met. So I look forward to seeing where that wind flows next, and what it becomes. And though I lose the title “Official,” I don’t lose any of these relationships that have so enriched my life…nor the artwork that has given me so much joy and creative release. So buy the art while you can… look to see what artistic inspiration moves me next… and make sure you come see me at JordanCon next year, because I’ll definitely be there!


2017 is starting off to be a wild ride of a year, and my best laid plans for my paintings for the JordanCon 2017 ArtShow seem to have been constantly waylaid!  Like any family with a high school senior, we are trying to help Cole in his decision on where to attend College.  But for us, this is coming at a time when we are finally at a point of feeling the loss of Julie's income. It's the first time the family is solely reliant on my income, which makes me jittery.  And then on top of that,  probably ten people from my office have either left or been let go since the end of December, several being some of my best friends for the past 17 or more years.  The staff upheaval created an extremely stressful work environment, and many evenings when I should have gone home to paint, I just went straight to bed emotionally exhausted.  Work is only just beginning to get back to any sense of normalcy.  But our biggest scare came two weeks ago, when Julie went into the hospital for a freakish inflammation of her right ear that almost resulted in the lost of vision on that side.  She came home Monday, and amazingly the eye has gone down from the size of a half orange to normal.  And her double vision is almost entirely gone!  Thank you, God above!!  

Anyway, I'm finally getting back into a regular painting schedule, and I can say that all this has taught me that painting is truly therapeutic for me, and I could never completely give it up!  I'm never happiest than when I'm planning a new concept for a painting and trying to lay it out.  And I'm so glad that I'll still be able to offer at least one new large painting in the Art Show in April.

 I love the element of surprise, so I won't completely give away the whole painting.  However,  I Also don't want to leave my fans hanging, so here is a progress teaser in the form of before and after snippets!  

The painting was planned as part of a larger grouping, which I had hoped to complete by April.  However, it still stands on it's own, and it actually may be more fun for the grouping to unveil over time.  Some people may or may not want the whole grouping in any case, so I had always planned for each image to be complete in itself.   Personally, I'm really excited about this whole group, and really pleased with the progress of the first piece.  

Of course none of my pieces would be complete without one of my signature Edselonian borders combining Art Nouveau and Deco elements.  In this corner of the border I've included one of my favorite cultures in the entire Wheel of Time series.  The reference should be pretty clear to even the most casual Jordan fan, although this form is my own personal interpretation of his descriptions.  

The first image shows the original line work and some flat colors, and the second image shows the same area after painting in the three dimensional aspects.  Hopefully it gives an idea of how detailed the final piece will be, and evokes curiosity over the subject and it's final form!  Enjoy and speculate!!

I had also started a smaller character piece as a repaint idea.  If everything goes well with this primary piece, there is a small chance that I will still complete that piece as well.

See you all in April!!










Note:  JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention focused on  series The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan.  The annual convention is held in Atlanta, Georgia and the JordanCon 9 convention is being held at the Atlanta Marriott at Perimeter Center April 21-23, 2017.  http://www.jordancon.org

This year's special guests are author Charles E. Gannon and fantasy illustrator Stephen Hickman.